My Little Green Basket

It was a green basket that I put on top of the refrigerator.  

When Susie passed away, people were so thoughtful and loving.  The funeral home was packed with flowers and plants from family and friends. 

Friends of mine had sent an arrangement of plants in the green basket.  I took it home and thought of her with love as I tended the plants in the basket and tried to keep them alive.  

The plants died. I had lost my sister and I couldn't even keep the plants alive that were a memorial gift for me!

This was part of our own experience that led us to start our service.  A memorial gift such as a blanket, wind chime, or statue lasts forever.  

Since there wasn't a service like Dulaya Memories at the time of Susie's passing I will just have to cling to my little basket that sits on the top of my refrigerator. 





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