"God's plan is better than our plan"

When our older sister Susie was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor we knew it would take a miracle for her to be well again. 

We did as any faithful family would do - we prayed fervently

She was not getting better - we were in despair.  She quietly and faithfully said "God's plan is better than our plan."  Through her dying and her death, she ministered to us greatly, stating that we should always submit to His will.  

At the time little did we know how her submission to His plan would not only change our lives but after her death would comfort so many others! 

Grief is something that most will have to experience in their lives. Part of that experience is to show honor and respect to that special person that passes away.

We just had to figure out how to show honor and respect to her.  

The three of us had always wanted to have a business together. 

Through her death, she gave us the gift of our service, Loving Memories, and Dulaya Memories - and we know that she is part of it still.

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