A Butterfly As A Wedding Guest

A Butterfly As A Wedding Guest

She was a beautiful bride and I had a wonderful seat to watch her as she approached her groom.  Her smile was radiant, replacing all of the tears and grief she had experienced just a few short years ago.  

She had lost her mom and previous fiance within a relatively short period of time.  

All present on that day knew of the incredible pain and loss that she had endured. But today was a happy day - a beautiful July day - lovely for an outdoor wedding.  

As she walked down the aisle, holding her bouquet of flowers, a butterfly landed on her finger.  

Not just a quick little stop - the butterfly seemed to want to hang out for a while.  

The bride raised her finger as if she was looking eye to eye with this beautiful creature. Tears streamed down her face.  

It was as if those that loved her and were gone, were somehow there that day and making their presence known in the form of this butterfly.

Eventually, (seriously, it felt like a long, long time!) the butterfly did fly away, she wiped away those tears, and continued down the aisle to meet her loving groom with an even more radiant smile.

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